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i'm ron burgundy?


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"I still fucking love you
After everything I still want you"

after everything
- Source nothingbut-forgotton (via nothingbut-forgotton)


A blog for the heartbroken xx


Just when i think I’m finally moving on, I see something that reminds me of you and I’m back at step one.

It’ll take me to thinking all night about what we had and what we could’ve had, and it’s the worst feeling in the world; wanting something you can’t have.


s.a.m.i (via neversaiditwaseasy)

Anywhere and everywhere. Where do you want to start?

Sometimes I actually write things. I like this.

"The crowd cheering,
Adrenaline rushing,
Running through the double doors.
We made it.
I looked for you.
Over the crowd, I looked for you.
You grabbed me and you kissed me,
Right then and right there,
In front of everyone we knew.
“Was that good enough?”
You asked.
And it was.
It was it was it was
But I guess I wasn’t."

"Congratulations" - please come back (via alanguageallmyown)

"I’m so cold.
It’s barely mild outside,
Good old-fashioned Midwestern weather,
But I’m cold down to my bones.
I put on sweaters and coats,
Layers and layers,
But nothing seems to help.
I think the problem isn’t the weather.
The cold is inside of me.
It’s pushing itself from the inside out.
You were the only thing that ever
Kept me warm."

"Frost Bite" - because you left (via alanguageallmyown)

Hello there. I'm Krissy. I like hot tea and hotties. I'm really just a collection of movie quotes compiled to look like a person.

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